Subtasks in Microsoft Lists?

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I'm new to Microsoft Lists, and I see some great potential there.


One thing I'd like to be able to do, using the Assignment Tracker and/or Issue Tracker options, is to attach subtasks to primary assignments. Is there a way to do that?


For those familiar with Jira, I'm hoping to be able to use MS Lists much like Jira for work assignments and bug tracking.

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Only way that comes to my mind is to do this by means of another list linked to your main list by means of a lookup field


That is how I did it:

1 - create a new radio choice column called "Project name"

2 - the values you can select will call like the main project (ex. build the car)

3 - create all the tasks as single items and assign to all of them "build the car"

4 - in the column "Project name" left click and select Group by Project Name


The name of the project will appear in bold and all the tasks with the indentation like:


Build the car



   drive test


Works for simple projects, for more complex maybe conditional formatting will do



Using this. Thank you SO much! I have been trying to find some sort of solution and this will work!

I've tried to set this up as per the instructions, but it is not working for me. @leedalton or @FabioPlos  - are you able to upload a video for me so I can follow and identify what step I am missing?  Thanks!