Storage limits with Office 365 E3 license

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My company has been using Office 365 for years now and we have not been using OneDrive or Sharepoint at all.  We have mostly business premium licenses with some E3 licenses.  We use an on prem document management system and I wanted to consider a cloud based option before replacing our current servers.


My question is about how the storage limits work.  I can see that o365 comes with a lot of storage for OneDrive and lot less for Sharepoint.  But the two seem so closely integrated I'm having trouble determining which limit will be affected by stored documents.  If I create a shared library in Onedrive, it automatically creates a Sharepoint site.  Will documents stored in this shared library affect my OneDrive storage limit or my Sharepoint limit?

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Everything stores in that onedrive counts towards that one drives quota! Creating a library won’t create a site though..
Administration and permission wise and also purpose wise, Onedrive is for personal usage with the ability to share files to people!
Common file storage is where you should use SharePoint sites / Libraries!

Although Onedrive does live in SharePoint, it’s permission story and purpose are very different
Small correction: creating a library from ODFB (vertical menu) actually crates a new moder site in your SPO tenant so the storage of that sites counts against to your SPO tenant storage and it does not count against your ODFB storage
Thanks for that correction!!:white_heavy_check_mark:

Thank you @Juan Carlos González Martín and @adam deltinger for the your responses.  I was hoping to take advantage of the large OneDrive space included with our subscription to replace our shared network drives but it sounds like that was just wishful thinking.  Any idea what the cost to purchase additional Sharepoint storage is?  I found an article online which says $0.20 per GB/month but that was posted a few years ago.  Our subscription is through a 3rd party vendor so I can't see the page to add storage.