storage limit in office 365

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Hi expert
we have Office 365 Enterprise E3 license assigned to our office 365 users and its storage limit is 100GB.
What happens if storage limit reaches 100GB, can i extend it if so how much

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Do you mean 100 GB for ODFB Storage?
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hey @Rising Flight,


I assume you mean for the exchange mailbox?


You can see here - - with e3 the mailboxes are 100gb in e3, BUT you get unlimited exchange online archiving. (note this is not real unlimited, they will just increase it when you ask, but I have clients run into issues).


For your user, if you have e3, you need to use the archive if their mailbox is getting that large. You can either automate this with MRM policies, or do some of this manually.


When your mailbox is approaching its storage limits, the user will start to get notifications. When the mailbox gets full, no new mail can be created until you clean it up.


As discussed above Exchange online archiving is probably the best option, but you could also you can either delete some data or archive locally to a pst-file if you wanted more options.