show unread outlook 365 messages bold

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How can I show my outlook 365 unread email "bold"

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You need to change the View settings: click the View tab on the Ribbon -> View Settings -> Conditional formatting -> select Unread messages -> edit the formatting as desired.


You can also press the Reset view button, as bolding unread messages is the default behavior.

I assume you must have been mistaken to outlook as installed. But I was referring to Outlook 365.

Are you referring to Outlook Web App? By default, unread messages in OWA, the Subject was already in bold.


Also, you can use Filter to sort out Unread messages in your Outlook Web App (Outlook 365).


On the address bar of this chrome tab, it says ""

I think it's an OWA version for Outlook 365.


I see the unread messages are blue. read messages are all black. I am looking for a place to change the blue.

I want to set it to some other color that sticks out.


Also, I would like to chrome tab to show (1) or (2) when ever a new message is in the inbox.

This is the workaround I use to help notice unread messages: Make a rule that pins all messages. All new messages will have a pin icon next to them. Click the icon with your mouse to remove the icon. 


To set the rule go to settings, click "mail", click "inbox and sweep rules" then select "[Apply to all messages]" and "pin the message"

Mine are in bold...but regardless of the selected font color, all display as roughly 60% grey.Consequently, bold, which I use for unread messages, does not stand out much relative to non-bold.  I would like them to be black (and red for overdue messages).

@Vasil Michev 

I tried adjusting the View as you described. I also tried Reset. Neither worked to bold unread emails. This is Office 365.

Thanks for your help.

@janecottrellsays: Question withdrawn. I see it's the subject field that's bold, not the sender, which was what I was looking for.