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Shortcut from a SharePoint library to OneDrive. Will it prevent from having performance issues?

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Hi all,

One of my customers decided to sync a SharePoint library to their Explorer which contains 5 million files. This results in a huge performance issue on the local laptops of all users. I already read the documentation that IF you sync a library it should not contain over 300.000 to make it perform as expected.

My advice has been to stop syncing those locations and start working fully from SharePoint online, instead.


Now, we have this feature to create a shortcut to OneDrive from a SharePoint library. In this scenario the question was that they wanted to be able to create shortcuts to favorite folders within the library. So this shortcut feature might be the solution for that.


But, I saw this article which is very clear: Add Shortcut to OneDrive vs. OneDrive Sync - SharePoint Maven


And scenario 2 here applies for my customer; They are not syncing the libary (anymore), but they are syncing OneDrive for Business (which is fine).

But now, because the shortcut of the library to OneDrive will be created, then also the library it self will be synced.

But now my question: Will this again result in this huge performance issue when you sync a folder within that SharePoint libary (with 5 million files) again? Of will this be fine?

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I have this exact same question. Hopefully, we can get an answer. Have you seen any issues with your implementation of using the Shortcut option instead of the Sync?