SharePoint Online Storage Limits?

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Rather than resurrect this old thread, I though I'd start a new one asking if the solution there still holds true. According to this page, the storage limit for my organization is 1 TB plus 10 GB for each license (I have 45 E3 licenses and 11 E1 licenses, so I guess this almost explains why SharePoint Online is telling me my limit is 1.55 TB (where'd my extra 0.01 TB go??). According to the solution in the old thread, each team site/group counts against the total limit for my organization. But the limit for each "site collection" or group is actually 25 TB now, which is greater than the limit for my organization? Can I shove 10 TB worth of data on to a team site, staying within the 25 TB limit and not have to pay more? Or would I have to buy more storage for my organization to accommodate this?


I need to get this right because I am giving a cost estimate to someone who wants to move 2 TB of data on a network share over to SharePoint online, and I need to know if they will have to purchase extra storage for their organization (they only have about 10 E3 licenses) or if the team sites we distribute this 2 TB worth of data is enough to cover it.

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That's the limit(25TB) you can have stored in an individual group/site. Your total allocation still is sum of all the SharePoint online storage, which includes group storage. So in this case you would have to buy at a minimum .45 TB storage to fit the space requirement, but realistically you would need to add in addition your currently used storage + growth room.


Edit: I was using your previous storage example, didn't see the 10 license part. So you would need to buy .9 TB to cover the 2TB space requirement, but would want to buy in addition to that, whatever you currently usage is plus the growth potential :p

Oh... Yeah sorry. I wasn't too clear about that. Two different scenarios.


Guess they'll have to pay or (more likely) clean up some of the old stuff kicking around on their network share before moving over to SharePoint Online.


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Hi Adam


Yes that is the limit - 1TB +10GB per license purchased. For more details you may refer to the below TechNet article :




Robin Nishad

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Great, thanks for the answers.


I have a follow up question: The OneDrive for Business storage that my users get with E3 licenses does not contribute to the SharePoint Online storage limits, right?

Hi Adam


Yes you are right. One Drive for Business storage is separate from SharePoint storage. You get 1TB of storage for One Drive that can be increased to 5TB per user.


Refer the below article for further details:




Robin Nishad

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Awesome! Thanks! You folks are amazing.

I have got a similar example when trying to calculate the total online storage limit for a client. 


(1000 x E3) + ( 500 x E1)


So is the max allowed storage for SharePoint Online:  1500 x 1.01 TB  ?????  . Note addtional P1 or P2 plans purchased only the defaults per each enterprise license. 


Whereas, OFDB woud be  and addtional: 1500 x 1TB  . This can be increased to 1500 x  5 TB  as we have > 4 licensed users.  Note, this didn't work in a dev tenant when  I tried this earler.


Does this sound reasonable ?



Hi @Robin Nishad ,


Supplementary question regarding storage space in a Sharepoint team site:


How much space is available in an organisation's Sharepoint team site? Note, I'm *not* referring to my user's individual OneDrive allocations.


I don't want my users to store company data in their own OneDrive allocations, it should all be in the shared area. I've had conflicting advice as to how much storage is available in the shared team site.





It follows the same max 25 TB per site collection scheme! But basically it depends on how many licenses you pay for! ( 1 TB and 10gb per user )

See here:

@Robin Nishad 

OneDrive for Business Plans don't add to your Sharepoint Storage, but Sharepoint Online Plans do, they add 10GB per license, and they cost the same and have the same effect when assigning to users.


As for the Storage issue in sharepoint the main source of used space are Team Sites, what we recomend doing is creating a File Storage user with a Sharepoint Online Plan 2 and moving unused files to the user OneDrive.