Office 365 Group Storage Allocation

Julien Gares

What is the storage allocation for an O365 Group?

I am aware that SharePoint grant a 1T resources per site collection (E3 licencing), but I am usure if Groups share the same Site Collection (http://tenant/teams/..) or each Group is it's own Site collection?


Also, could anyone point me to  Powershell script resources to find out total size accros site collection vs usage?

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each group has its own site collection holding 1 tb of data if i am correct.

@Julien Gares, As mentioned by @Deleted is correct. You can find the script to get the group usage quota from below link

I know that with SharePoint Office 365 the architecture allows for 1 TB / site collection. However with an E3 license you have a storage limit for the tenant that, in my case, appears to be 1.7 TB.


When creating site collections I take set this mannually to allocate that storage to divide it up across the site collections.


How does one manage this for Office 365 groups? Any best practices out there. I would assume there is similar practice for One Drive for Business?

In the Admin Center under Reports > SharePoint Usage there is a Groups filter that shows storage, number of files, view/edits. If you didn't want to use PowerShell. 

Just to be clear, Group files can hold up to 1 TB of data but it counts against your SPO tenant storage...

indeed and it's documented here:


Office 365 Groups file storage

Group files storage has the same storage and upload limits as a site collection storage limit above.

Group files storage has the same storage and upload limits as a site collection storage limit above.

Funny timimg, I came across that article today! SharePoint Online software boundaries and limits very informative indeed. thank you.


But see this i where it get confusing: @Juan Carlos González Martín said "Just to be clear, Group files can hold up to 1 TB of data but it counts against your SPO tenant storage... "

Ok so, Does that mean that if my tenant has 2T and 1 group upload 1T there is only 1T left to be shared between other groups and site?


or ..


As most seems to suggest, each group get 1T. Then If 3 groups upload 1T i would effectively use 3T of storage? (despite my 2T tenant limit?)


I'm sorry for insisting, but I do need to be 100% sure of the storage mechanism for O365 groups as we are currently scoping network share migration to Office 365 group.

Obviously, I would like to believe the second option is the correct one :)


@Christophe Fiessinger@Santhosh Balakrishnan thanks for the PS link, but for some reason, I cannot invok the -identiy parameter with the Get-sposite cmdlets


@Eric Adler Thank you for sharing this hidden gem. I have used report for OnedDrive & Sp, but never noticed that dropdown.

If you have your data on automatic it will automatic give it 1 tb per group. This said it if you only have 2 tb and 3 groups you will get a notification once you are hitting the 2 tb to buy more storage.


so you are correct 1 tb for a group full leaves 1 tb for groups and other sites.





@Julien Gares  Here is the modified script to get the storage for specific O365 group. You need to use both SharePoint and Exchnage connections. 


Input Parameter



$SPOAdminCenterUrl="https://"+ $o365DomainName +""
$Groups=Get-UnifiedGroup -identity $GName
$credential = get-credential
Connect-SPOService -Url $SPOAdminCenterUrl -Credential $credential
$site=Get-SPOSite -Identity $SPO365GroupFilesUrl$GName -Detailed
New-Object -TypeName PSObject -Property @{
}|select GroupName, CurrentStorage, StorageQuota, StorageQuotaWarningLevel

@Julien Gares Regarding storage, unfornately, option 1 is correct. 

Thank you all for your quick responses.


I'm not a native english speaker, but @Juan Carlos González Martín definition is for me the less confusing:


"Group files can hold up to 1 TB of data but it counts against your SPO tenant storage."


Thanks for the links and the scripts, I'll definitly include quota limitation in the scoping.

Is this thread still valid as this page suggests there is a 25TB limit per site. It's still vague on whether Office 365 groups use up quota frrom the SPO side, e.g. 1TB per organisation plus 0.5GB per user.

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