SharePoint asset library not showing in 365 apps that are deployed via EndPoint

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I've setup an Asset Library in SharePoint.


My 365 desktop apps was initially installed via deployment configuration tool. Asset library would show in word. But ever since EndPoint took control, the library no longer appears.


Does the Asset Library library not work with EndPoint deployed 365 apps?

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I was not aware you could deploy SharePoint Document Libraries with EndPoint Manager. Can you point me to any documentation where it's described how to do it?
Sorry if its unclear. I did not deploy the SharePoint Asset Library.

SharePoint Asset Library was created in SharePoint 365 and use PowerShell to enable it/turn it into an Asset Library -

365 Apps like Word in the same organisation should and did pick this up, and displayed the templates. But it seems like it had only worked for device where 365 Apps was installed via the deployment tool. On devices that had 365 apps deployed via EndPoint, the library does not appear.