Save attachments from Outlook to OneDrive for Business - folder selection

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I have some users using the Save to OneDrive feature in but it seems to be saving the files to random folders rather than the root ot Attachments folder in ODfB that I'd be expecting. Has anyone else seen this problem? Is there a way to set the default OneDrive folder Outlook saves attachments to?



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AFAIK, there is no way to specify default folder for saving attachments in ODFB. In regards of the random behaviour when saving attachments, I have no had so far any issues like the ones you have described

Hi Select the Library in your sharePoint portal and click " Connect to Outlook". This option will sync your outllok attcahemnets to one drive for business.


Go to your Library >Select the Library>>Advance>Connect to Client>Select the client>Outlook 201X





OR "Select the Library" and click the button "connect to Outlook".oned2.JPG




Thanks. Your solution appears to be for the Outlook 2016 client rather than the web version. I've had a look in Office 365 and mail settings but can't find a default save folder option.

It only seems to happen for certain users. It's fine for me (as is always the case!) but if I sign in as other users on my PC then select 'save to OneDrive' on an attachment it saves the file to a subfolder of a folder in the root. It's always the same folder though.


When It try the same process with my account it saves to the 'Email attachments' folder in ODfB. If I delete the 'Email attachments' folder then try and save the file the folder is recreated and the file appears in it, whcih I presume if the expected behaviour.


Weird! I'll log it as an issue and and see where that goes.

Out of curiosity, what happens if you delete both the folder and the subfolder in which the file gets saved?

Doesn't it recreate afterwards the 'Email attachments' folder in ODfB?

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If I delete the subfolder then attempt to save an attachment it creates the 'Email attachments' folder in the root of ODfB and saves the file to the it. Which is what I'd expect.


A bit of an annoyance but at least we have a workaround now.


Thanks for the suggestion!



Hi I'm still having this issue. A quick explanation is as follows:


1. If I "save an attachment to Onedrive" in Outlook.exe, the program (Outlook Microsoft 365) then my attachments are saved in the root directory of my Onedrive account.


2. If I "save an attachment to Onedrive" in, the website ( then my attachments are saved in a subfolder 'Email attachments' on the same Onedrive account.


However, both programs do link to the same file in a correct way. So if I save it online, and go check my mail in Outlook on my pc (or vice-versa), it does show the 'Saved' icon next to the attachment in both ways and I can access the attachment online in both 'programs' alternately, the only difference is in the link that is linking to the online file:

When uploaded in Outlook.exe, the link ends in \Documents (%2FDocuments to be correct) however when uploaded in, the link ends in \Documents\Email Attachments (%2FDocuments%2FEmail%20Attachments to be correct) 


Looking to other people (in the same domain and with a very similar address and setup) I'm the only one who is experiencing this problem. Other people's attachments are always saved to the 'Email Attachments' subfolder in Onedrive, no matter if they do it online or in Outlook on their pc, which seems most logical to me too.


So my 'solution' for now is to only upload my files online by however this is a bit annoying me as I almost exclusively use the Outlook Office 365 program on my pc.


Isn't there some parameter in the register to configure this default path where the file should be uploaded to?