Phone number format is not accepted in the contact info of a user?

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For some reason I'm getting the message that our entered phone number format is invalid? 

It has always been like this and now its not accepted anymore, the update button is disabled until I enter a valid format. I am unable to do contact updates on users. 


Our US users are accepted, example: +1 234-567-890

For our Belgian users it should be like: +32 012 34 56 78

However this gets accepted: +32 012345678

This does not: +32 012-345-678


Since the dashes work on a US number but not a BE number it has to be a setting somewhere?


Thoughts or ideas? 

Thank you

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I have the same problem with french and swiss phone number.

The space between number like +33 X XX XX XX XX or +41 XX XXX XX XX isn't working anymore and I have to use this format +33 XXXXXXXXX or +41 XXXXXXXXX. 


We want to keep the old format. Please help.

Thank you

I'm having the same trouble. Thew number needs to be in the specific country's format. Not very good with detail. My Iphone puts it automatically in the correct format for each country.