Outlook 365 Desktop missing folders

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1. My desktop Outlook 365 and Online Outlook 365 are showing different folders and emails (the Online version is the correct version).

2. Desktop shows only Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts etc.

Online shows Inbox, Inbox sub folder 01... Inbox sub folder 15, Sent Items, Drafts etc.

3. Desktop does download the existing and new emails in the Inbox

4. Desktop does not download the existing emails in the Inbox subfolders.

5. Desktop does not download new emails that are put into Inbox subfolders using Outlook rules.



I am missing past emails and incoming emails from the Inbox subfolders.


Please, how do I...

Bring the file structure, rules, old emails and new emails FROM online TO desktop.



Windows 10 PC

POP email handling



On my desktop I was using Outlook 2010 perfectly well to download the emails. When I made a change in the file structure on my desktop it changed on the online version as well. 2 days ago Outlook 2010 was blocked from accessing the online version so I had to buy Microsoft 365. I have now got the Outlook 365 desktop to access the online version but with the problem above. I have tried exporting my 2010 pst file but it fails with an error along the lines on 'This operation was not completed' with no fault code.


Hopefully it's a simple fix for someone.



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Why are you using POP, where is your mailbox hosted? I'd strongly recommend using the native protocols, especially if you mailbox is hosted in Office 365/Exchange Online.
"Why are you using POP," - familiarity. It is what I have always used. POP allowed me to keep the original emails on the server after I had downloaded them.

"Where is your mailbox hosted?" - GoDaddy 365 Email Essentials I believe.

"I'd strongly recommend using the native protocols, especially if you mailbox is hosted in Office 365/Exchange Online" - Sorry but I don't understand you when you say native protocols. Please, what should I be using and how will that affect or improve my current situation?

Thank you so much for your reply.
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You might actually not have a choice to use native Exchange mode if you are using GoDaddy. Still, I'd suggest you check with their support, just to know which options you have available. I'm sorry that I'm not able to give you a more specific answer here, but GoDaddy has their own "flavour" of Office 365 services, which differ from what the rest of the world gets.

Hi Vasil


Microsoft 365 support agreed with your statements that POP3 does not support subfolders downloading. They think GoDaddy added IMAP in the background when they set up the original email many years ago.


They have created a new email profile on my PC based on IMAP.


Control panel > Mail (Microsoft Outlook) (32bit) > Show Profiles > Add > "New Outlook" OK > Manual setup > POP or IMAP > Server Information: Account Type: IMAP on the drop down. The rest of the info is from your email server provider.


Once the profile was set up and working inside PC Outlook 365 (i.e. able to send & receive the basic inbox) the subfolders were added inside by:

Folder > IMAP Folders > Display folders... (leave blank)  Query > this showed a list of all my Online Outlook 365 subfolders where I selected the ones I wanted to keep downloading > Subscribe > OK


Then the support may have done some other stuff  but when I hit > Send / Receive All Folders > the subfolders were downloaded (long time) and appeared if I clicked on the 'Inbox' drop down on the left hand side.


I hope this helps someone else and saves them the 3 days it's taken me ;)


Many thanks Vasil - you put me on the right path that it was more than a simple tick box that I'd missed.


Cheers, Dumb_Owen