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Opening encrypted emails that are saved as *.msg files in doc-center

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Hi all, 


I've used many hours to search the web for an answer with no luck and I would think this is a situation for many out there. A short time ago we started to use the encryption-method in Outlook (MS 365 MSO)


1. Users in our organisation sends an email to an external recipient and that email is encrypted with the function "Only encrypt" from the Encrypt-button in the Outlook mail-form. 

2. Then the user saves the email to a spesific ordinary file-folder in a share on our server.

3. The folder-system we use is for different customers that we all handle in different ways so if I then - need to open the email my colleague sent - I'm not allowed to because of the encryption. 


The "workaround" so far is that the sender - when using encryption - opens the email from his/hers Sent-items - remove the encryption - and then click the Save-butten in the mailform - before it is saved as a *.msg-file to the file-folder.


There must be another easier way to handle this - but as I said - I havent been successfull in my searches for a solution. 


Anyone here that knows?


In advance - thank you :)


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Hello, I assume you're using OME? (Office Message Encryption). The whole idea with encryption is to encrypt the email / content between two parties without a third-party being able to open it so surely it's working as designed. But if you need to open all these attachments why don't the sender include you in the original email, perhaps as a BCC if your name shouldn't be visible in the mail.

You would have more granular options if you were using AIP, now more referred to Sensitivity labels.
Thank you for quick response. Yes - the OME definitely works as it should by design so that means that we have to look at other encryption options.

When you refer to AIP - I know what it is but not much more - do you know if the functionality we need is possible with that?
First try what I suggested above if applicable (add your address to the original senders email). But yes, OME is only email. The other options are for scenarios not necessarily even involving email.

Sorry for delayed response. I've spoken to the customer and explained some of the differences between OME and AIP and they want to proceed with AIP since this solution gives them other options too in regards to documents and such.