OneDrive synchronization error

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Hi Everyone,


May I kindly ask for your input on this scenario for OneDrive.

I have a user that are using 2 devices (workstation and Windows tablet). The user is saying that the files on the tablet is not the latest one as the date modified is different compared to the workstation. When I checked, the workstation's OneDrive is not running so I fixed it. OneDrive is now run on the workstation and beginning to sync.


The issue is that after the sync, the latest data from files are missing. We can only see modified date of May 2021 and as per the user, it should be July. As per user, it seems that the old files synced to the latest file on the workstation. As per my knowledge, the latest changed from a file should be uploaded and merged on the file existing on the OneDrive already. What is your thought on this? I tried to look at the version history but did not find any. Tried checking also on the OneDrive recycle bin but did not find any aso.


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