Office 365 Signature is not working on Windows software

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Adding Signature in the outlook app of windows 365 is not working (web app is working but will not sync signature to windows app).


I've tried both ways:

1. File->Options->Mail->Signature

Signature #1Signature #1

2. New Item-> Email Message -> Signature

Signature #2Signature #2

None of which is working and both made the software halted for couple of seconds and released later.

This is a problem I'm having on 2 different computers using latest 16.0.14228.20216 64-bit Office 365 versions



Any advice/patch/Work around I can do?

My employees cannot work properly without our proper business signature.

** Update #1**
I was able to do update of previous version of Outlook 365 -

Microsoft® Outlook® for Microsoft 365 MSO (16.0.14228.20200) 64-bit

with working signature, to the latest version above and keep signature present and working

new Installation with latest office will not give me to add signature - any Idea how to install a specific revision as a work around to this problem?

** Update #2 - Working**
I've found that updating to even newer version which could not (I wonder why??) be obtained via regular in-app updates worked.
I've used this offline installation, with a modified xml configuration:


  <Add OfficeClientEdition="64" Version="16.0.14131.20278">
    <Product ID="O365BusinessRetail">
      <Language ID="en-us" />


 After Downloading & Installing, Signature feature is working again!

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Hi Thanks for your question. Actually Outlook usually experiences problems while adding signatures. In addition, Outlook doesn't support adding and managing HTML signatures which might result in the improper display of signatures on different devices. Outlook versions also keep changing and older versions of Outlook usually face these type of issues. You might be able to apply a patch and get it working, but that's only a temporary solution. 

If you are looking for a permanent workaround solution, I recommend you to use Sigsync Office 365 email signatures. We had faced similar Outlook issues with our business email signatures and then switched over to Sigsync. One big advantage of Sigsync is that it allows you to add company-wide signatures without installing anything. You can manage all your signatures online under one centralized dashboard. Another thing about Sigsync is that you can design or import HTML signatures from scratch or directly use one from the template gallery.

I list out some of the features of Sigsync if you are interested to know more about how you can use that

1) Uniform HTML email signatures across all devices and email clients

2) Add different signatures to reply and forward emails
3) Centrally manage signatures from a neatly designed Dashboard
4) You can embed One-click Surveys, Analytics, QR codes, Social Media links in your email signature
5) Always have the latest signatures and banners even if your contact details change.
6) Sigsync Signature Outlook Add-in allows you to configure, preview and add signatures in real-time.

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Sigsync email signature for Office 365Sigsync email signature for Office 365