Office 365 hangs temporarily on RDP server for multiple users

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Hi guys,

I have a server where around 20 users connect and use Office 365 apps such as Outlook and Excel to work over RDP. Sometimes during the session, Excel freezes when switch from one cell to another one as well as Outlook. They stop responding for a bit and then it resumes. 

Checking the CPU and memory on the server there are no hardware limitations nor get saturated at any point but the problem persists for some users.

How can I improve the office installation on the server to make sure the users don't have issues with these types of freezing situations that interrupt their work. 
They also complain when they type sometimes it takes a bit for the text to appear in Word for example.

Thanks much in advance,


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Hello @Citation79 


Where is this server hosted? Could it be a bandwidth issue? 


Please open the task manager > Performance > Ethernet > checked the usage. 


I had this issue before and migrating the server to Azure sorted the problem for me. On-Prem internet was just not good enough to cope with the amount of users requiring access.


Hope this helps.




Hi the server is hosted at OVH, it's also at a data center. The issue is that I don't see freezing with other non-office apps. I am running Performance monitor on it to see if there is something else (maybe disk) but I doubt that might be the issue., I see Disk write % to be at an average of 50% so its not bad.. there must be something else.



Try disabling hardware graphics acceleration for the applications. See screenshot attached.,




Thanks will test, I need to do it on each user's rdp connection correct?
Yes if done manually. You could also make this change via GPO.

I would test it first in a few users and see how you get on.

Thanks Jose will test and see if that helps!
Hi Jose did this and didn't help. Software keeps randomly hanging and get slow keystrokes even when the rest of the applications on the RD server are working just fine. Opened a ticket with Microsoft to check this out but its a strange behavior taking into account that the server low load in memory and CPU.