Office 365 error "0xcaa70004"

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I keep getting this error "0xcaa70004" when trying to login to my office 365 desktop client, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. I error occurred when I updated my license and switched to the new licenced account. Any solution please??
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Would try the solution and update you.

Many thanks.



I am having the same error but I am not sure if the script will help me as it will delete my local license for Microsoft office. I have 2 accounts, with both of them having private and work sides. Just a month ago I noticed that I started to get an error on my laptop showing that I need to fix it but when pressed the button it just gave me an error ( which I don't recall). Today I finally decided to sign out from an account and it took away all of my onedrive connection at once. While trying to sign it I get this code.


Is there any other way than running a script and losing my local license for 2019?