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Do you have any idea why I don't see automatic replies option in outlook web ? If I click the Gear option and then go All settings and select mail, there is no automatic replies option. I was sure it was there last year ? Is there something I need to set in the admin center ?


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Is there any way you can confirm if the option is still present in the Outlook client? There's not really an admin managed setting specifically for this, however, there's a setting in the User Permissions that allows the user to configure certain settings on their mailbox. It's possible that these user permissions are not applied to this specific user, but then I also expect the option to be unavailable in the Outlook client.

Anyhow, if you go to the User Permissions in the 'classic' Exchange Admin Center, you should see all possible role assignment policies. There's a setting for 'MyBaseOptions' which I believe might affect the ability to set something like automatic replies.

I have checked and the option MyBaseOptions is checked. I can enable automatic replies over the admin center for users, but users cant do it on its own.

@djur0 And just to make sure, there's only one role assignment policy there? What happens when you go to the mailbox properties of a user and select the 'Mailbox features' tab. Does it list the same role assignment policy there?


It's also possible someone changed the MyBaseOptions management role, you can check this using Exchange Online PowerShell:


(Get-ManagementRole -Identity MyBaseOptions).RoleEntries


You should be able to find the 'Set-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration' cmdlet in there, if it's not listed, users will not be able to set their own auto replies.

@pvanberlo There are 2 roles. The first one has all checked, the second one doesn't (I don't know what it is).




If I go to mailbox properties of specific user, under the mailbox features it looks like this:



@djur0 OK, any chance to check if either one of them has changed the management roles which removed the ability to set the auto reply? 

Whats the best way to check it ? I dont know how.

@djur0 This level of detail is only available while using Exchange Online PowerShell. The fact you have two sets of user permissions, regardless of which one is applied, seems to indicate someone has changed something, somewhere.


After setting up Exchange Online PowerShell and connecting (instructions here), you can use the command I mentioned earlier to check the individual management roles. Just run the script below and check the output. You'll want to check if whatever is in the Role column at the bottom is also in the output at the top. So for example, if the bottom says it found this role entry in the MyBaseOptions role, this role should also be listed in the assigned roles. This should get you started anyhow.


Write-Host "Getting Relevant Assigned Roles"

Write-Host "Listing All Role Entries For Set-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration"
Get-ManagementRoleEntry -Identity "*\Set-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration"