MS refuses to cancel last invoice for Audio Conferencing offered as a free add-on for months

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Recently learned that the Teams Audio Conferencing license that we've been paying every month is actually included in our E3 license as a free add-on license. We opened a ticket to confirm the free add-on offered the same service and then added it to our subscription (different SKU) to test and then removed the paid product. During that time we were billed the last invoice of a few hundred dollars. We asked that it be waived in light of not being needed for months. We're not asking for a full refund just the last invoice for the month we opened a ticket to confirm and test the license replacement.


I understand the contract of the subscription but we work with so many software vendors and pay thousands every month for M365 that this would just be a given for any other vendor that valued the business relationship.


Does anyone else feel like there is no consideration from Microsoft with these situations?

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I have, they said no. I asked to escalate it. They took 2 weeks and said no again. Only reason I came here. Not looking for solutions anymore, just wondering if others get the same treatment direct from Microsoft. Seems like the only way to get any level of a business relationship is to use a licensing reseller and avoid purchasing direct from Microsoft.