Microsoft 365 admin portal is not working

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Admin portal link is not working


Here is the message:

We are sorry, something went wrong.

Please try refreshing the page in a few minutes. If the problem persists, please visit for updates regarding known issues.

Ref A: D17A4894E7AE4DA8BD59D5902FEA754B Ref B: BY3EDGE0318 Ref C: 2020-07-30T19:10:00Z
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Probably a temporary issue, but if it's still happening, call support directly:

@Vasil Michev it worked from a different browser. It is strange that from chrome it was working and then stopped working. Launched firefox and it worked. Now OneDrive link is not working even I tried from different browsers. It says close your browser and retry. Tried but didn't work. I am wondering if it's happening because of the fact that my primary email address has been changed. If yes, then what do I need to do to get it fixed?


Thanks for your help.

@Vasil Michev 

The online help says "service not available" and phone support says "we're sorry, we are currently not able to provide phone support." Surely, you jest!



I am having the same issue.


I have found that if you keep hitting the refresh it will eventually (after about 2 to 4 times) come up.


I have ruled out PC's on my Domain and PC's in Azure AD by using my personal PC at home.  Even with chrome incognito I still get the same result.  


Does anyone have any ideas on this?