Issue when setting someone as a Delegate on a DL or 365 Group

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So, kind of a weird one here. About 6 months ago we started using 365, and we add people as delegates on DLs and 365 groups so they can send as that address. But when we add them, (1) it does not look like they are added as we selected, and (2) if we look in the Classic exchange portal we see different things. Here is a walk through of what I am referring to. The steps below are as if there are no delegates on the DL. 


  • Open the properties for a DL in the 365 Exchange portal (new one, not the classic version)
  • Open the delegates, search for a user and select ONLY 'Send As' and hit save
  • Once it refreshes, it shows both 'Send As' & 'On behalf of' selected. If you try to de-select On behalf of' and save it never changes.
  • Refresh the page, go back in to the same DL, and no users are listed there.
  • Open the Classic Exchange Portal, and view the delegates settings and you will see the user that was added as 'Send As' only there.

So, in the end, it is adding it, but, it is not visible in the new 365 exchange portal, but only visible in the classic exchange portal.


We have a case open with our vendor who hosts our 365 servers and they have a case open with Microsoft. I just wanted to ask this here to see if there was any thoughts anyone could share.


   Thanks in advance.



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