iOS/Mac Teams and Outlook not updating password

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Good Morning All,


So maybe I am doing something wrong since this is my first rodeo with O365 & Apple devices. A end-user changes their password on the O365 portal however on Teams, Outlook & OneNote the password would not update on those apps, it instead just shows an exclamation type error. In all instances I had to sign out of the app and sign in again to get them working, no amount of force refreshing would have those applications prompt for the new password.


How do I force these apps to prompt for the password without signing the user out? If I do a sign out on OneNote for example this closes all open Notebooks and the user will have to re-open all those notebooks. The next time it happens I am going to see if changing between networks forces the refresh or even rebooting the phone but even these two options are not desirable for the end-user.

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