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We have plan to deploy Microsoft 365 to a Education Organization. 

I have some question about that project.

Our plan is followings:

1. Manage user device via Azure Portal with Intune Policies;

2. Our users have multiple device`s platforms like IOS, Windows 10, MacOS and Android;

2. We want to control application installation and web browsing on our company devices  using by our users;

3. We want to provide BYOD policies to users;

4. We want to provide Windows 10 Education Subscription based activation for Windows 10 users;

5. We want to prevent users to browse unwanted web-sites;

6. We want to provide firewall rules to company devices etc.


For all of below requirements, which Microsoft 365 license or plan need to buy?

And also can we realize below policies with Intune ? 


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We have just implemented an Intune/Endpoint Manager solution very similar to the one you are describing apart from the Windows 10 Licence requirement. We have implemented in a UK based High School for approx management of 600 1-to-1 student laptops.

Intune for Education UK license model (including student benefit), where when you licence the whole organisation with Intune you only pay for staff members and all student licenses are free. Staff cost £0.53p per user per month.

However, if you include the Windows 10 Education licence into this equation you would need to license using A3 for Education. If you were to licence the entire organisation then you would only need to pay the licence cost for Faculty and all students would be free.

I hope this helps.