Hide email address beside the name from External sender

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Would just like to confirm first if it is normal in Outlook to show the email address beside the name if the email was from external sender? If yes, does Microsoft has a documentation of it?


For example:

Microsoft Azure <Email address removed>


If email is coming within our environment, there is no email address showing. Just the name of the sender. Now, we have a users that is using a 3rd party app to send email using our relay. The account they are using to send email is a user in our environment. But since they are using a relay to send email, the emails are becoming external. Do we have a way to remove the email address for example below to just show the name only?


Default from external:

Microsoft Azure <Email address removed>


User would like it to be:

Microsoft Azure


Thank you.

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That's the expected behavior, yes. There's no option to toggle the display of the email address off, but you can probably do it via some add-in.
Hi Vasil, thank you very much for your quick response. Do you know if MS created a documentation of it so I can share it in our team?

No. There is no such Microsoft document I can find out which explains above. This format is to make sure that users can figure out if it is internal sender email or an external sender email.

You have mentioned "RELAY" and if the sender is part of your organization. Then you can use the option 1 from following article to send emails from your application - This will fix your Display name and you will only see the Display Name.

Thank you! I think the Office 365 relay will still make the emails external. I will give this a shot. Hopefully their app support SMTP AUTH to use it.