Graph API query for Distribution List Group creation

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Hello Team,

We could not find a suitable Graph API/Rest API to create DL creation. Could you please help us on this?


Kamalakar K

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Distribution groups are governed via the Exchange tools, they are not currently supported via the Graph API.

Hey Vasil,


Thank you for quick response. Is there any other way we can automate this without using exchange tools as we are not using any exchange server and our environment is cloud only.


Kamalakar K

What's wrong with using Exchange Online PowerShell? :)


@Vasil Michev wrote:

What's wrong with using Exchange Online PowerShell? :)

If you're in an "API" kind of environment and mindset, do you really want to be calling out to Powershell?  

When it clearly gets the job done, why not? If anything, ExO PowerShell is way more mature compared to the Graph API.

Still you can automate Powershell with .Net as well. Say, if i want to do with Exchange Powershell + .Net, then i would start it from here

I came across this thread because I'm looking for a way to automatically create distribution groups from a WordPress server triggered by a custom user registration flow that copies multiple email addresses with order confirmations and invoices at the time of future purchase by either of the emailed parties. I'm hoping Graph will get there soon.
MSFT Graph API is not providing any option to manage Distribution List Not even possible on beta version, so the only possible way is to actually interface/interact with PS online.

or Use 0365 groups instead