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The IF Formula in the attached spreadsheet doesn't recognize "#N/A"

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#N/A is an error. Use a formula like ISERROR or IFERROR to evaluate it, you can’t just evaluate it is = “N/A”.



I tried using the IFERROR formula but there is still a problem.  Column B returns a number. Sometimes that number is an error. Whenever it returns an error I want to use the previous number it returned (same column, previous row). So I wrote the following formula in the adjacent column:  =IFERROR(B8,B7). But it doesn't seem to work.


I attached the file below.


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@Sam_S007 if I understand what you're wanting to do then change the formula in C8 from this ...


... to this ...


... and fill all the way down.  Does that now do what you want?

Thanks, that works