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I have now searched some forums and unfortunately I am not able to find a clear answer:
Is it possible to use custom fonts in Office online (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)?
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Yes, there is some support for custom fonts in Office Online but it does have limitations. While editing a document for example in Word Online, in the font box type the exact name of the custom font that's installed locally (preview the font in control panel and that shows the proper name) and then that font is available.


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I tried this by installing a free font and with a bit of trial and error, I got it to appear and used it in my document.  If other users on different computers have this font installed, they will see the font in the document as it's intended, otherwise, it will fall back to a default font.  Limitations include in the preview when opening the document, it doesn't appear to show the custom font and also not sure about printing, you'd have to try and see if it works properly. 

@Cian Allner It does not work for me. I have installed a custom font, and I know for sure its name is Jinxed. It is an .otf file, does that matter? The file name is Jinxed-Regular.otf, what name do I have to type in because it doesn't work.

I'm having the same issue too, I want to import the Inter font (available on Google Fonts) and I can't import it. I've tried putting the name of the font into my font box but still doesn't work.

@Cian Allner can confirm that this works on Linux (Ubuntu MINT 20.04.1) using Microsoft Edge (Dev channel) browser. I think the trick is to check in another Wordprocessing application as to how does the font name show up, and then use it as-is). Many fonts have suffixes like -regular, -italic, -bold, in their file-name (.TTF or .OTF) but those are not the font names by default. Often the font name if the part before the hyphen, but many times not. Best is to use a font-viewer tool to extract to font-name and use that in the font search bar of office 365 web/online.

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Hello, I had just found a solution, I know its a few years late but may also help others that come across this. If you add the font to your font settings locally then it should appear online on Microsoft 365.



Make sure your browser allows websites to access local files.


If you know it does use the windows WordPad and in the font box, enter the first letters of the font until it comes up, then press enter.



This method only works if you have given time / restarted your PC after installing the font.

Copy and paste the font name into the same box on Word online.  


If you find this still doesn't work, try the office app built into Windows 10 or try another browser. Microsoft Edge currently works for this method


Hope I helped! :lol:

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I didn't even think of using word pad! I do not have a subscription to office; I have word online, which I am pretty positive doesn't allow you to use custom fonts because, as with the person who asked the original question, I can't find anything anywhere that directly relates to installing new fonts for the free version of word online. BUT! Word Pad will do for my needs, so thank you!

@Axel Hoffmann 

I am tring to install a font called ''super plumber bros'' but I can't find the search bar.

I can't get this to work. Does it matter where the font is downloaded?