Central office templates available from users client programs

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This article "Create an organization assets library" describes how to create an organization assets library.
By gathering the organization's official templates in a document library and then running a PowerShell script, all these templates become available to users in their Office clients (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) when they click "New".

This works very well for those who are on a newer build of Office, but I have not found any documentation that describes what version / build number you need to be at a minimum.

Does anyone here have the answer to which version / build number you have to be at a minimum?

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I am actually having the same interest about what Office version are compatible with this awesome feature. 


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@Magnus Goksøyr@NikoS68, I am the Product Manager who owned this experience. It's available for Win32 users using the January 2020 build of Office or higher(16.0.12527.20XX), additionally it's being rolled out one Web(E3 SKU or higher) and Mac as an experiment so you should see it on these platforms soon assuming no issues. I am happy this feature is helpful! Sorry I had missed this conversation when posted.

@Theo Lorrain-Hale maybe you are still able to answer this: You state that it will be rolled out to the web also. Now what I do see is that only PowerPoint online currently supports templates bases on the organization asset library. Do you have any information if this feature will be extended to Word Online or Excel Online?