Cannot change master headline and body fonts separately in PPT for MAC

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Working on a presentation for a client using the newest PPT on my MAC.

I successfully added custom fonts to the list of available fonts in the Master Template (followed a tutorial). However, I now cannot format a "headline" font that is different than the "body" font on the master slide.


No matter which text box I select on the master — headline, subhead or even creating a new text box, whatever font I choose from the master font list, changes it on every text box throughout the slide. I cannot choose a separate font for the subhead box or any text box for that matter (as I've already stated).


Furthermore, If I click ANY text box and select "font" from the format pulldown menu, it ALWAYS reads "+heading". NEVER "+body" 


Even more? If choose a preformatted template that uses two fonts for the headline/body and attempt to change one, it again changes all of them. 


I'm astonished by the fact that I searched the web for hours and did not see any post regarding this issue. After "chatting" with MS support, I was told to come here.


So here I am


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Same here @KevinP1945 This is outrageous....



Are you referring to the latest version and the PPR worked was MAC involved without share or edit by Windows?