Can't upload/download changes cached credentials have expired

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Hi Guys


I have a weird issue i was hoping to get some help with


I have a User that has 2 companies connected, Company1, Company2


Both Company1 and 2 are logged in on the OneDrive client and have 2 SharePoint synchronised down to the pc, and both companies are logged on outlook, word, excel, etc.


But here's the problem.


When the user open documents from SharePoint from Company 1 the documents open just fine, the user can edit and close them without any issues


But when the users try to open a document from Company2, both word and excel ask for user credentials, both when opening and closing the document, and nothing happens when the user enters the credentials again


I have several users with the same setup where they can both open and close documents without logging in


I have tried the following


Removing office completely including OneDrive

Installing Insider preview to see if that helped

Cleared credentials in the credentials manager

Forced 2FA in Regedit

Enabled "Always keep copies" in the OneDrive app

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