Can I disable OneDrive without disabling SharePoint (Office 365 E1)

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I'm looking at disabling OneDrive without disabling SharePoint. 

Currently the O365 E1 bundles the OneDrive service and the SharePoint one under the same service plan "SHAREPOINTSTANDARD" Is it possible to disable OneDrive only?


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Not by removing the license (even if you remove it people can still access SPO). The options you have are detailed here (the UI bits are changed now):

@Vasil Michev I'm trying to disable the Sync option available on SharePoint for a few users by disabling their OneDrive license. I also want to retain the Sync option for other users within the Org. The article don't really help achieve this. 

Well you could have mentioned "sync" in the original question, we're not mind readers here... The sync option cannot be disabled on per-user level afaik, unless you're talking about their personal sites.