365 Godaddy and infomaniak/proton mail

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Hello, i have a little problem with Microsoft 365 and external domain.


Because Microsoft 365 (not business version), require GoDaddy i have to migrate it from infomaniak to GoDaddy, and my other mail aren't moved.


But now when i send a mail to infomaniak it never arrive.

and infomaniak can't send me a mail (refused).


And between Microsoft accounts all work, between Gmail and Microsoft all work, and with the "normal" @outlook account it work from and to infomaniak.


So i think it's a domain/DNS problem, but i can't really say.

It's the first time i work with domain on Microsoft services


mxtoolbox tell me to add a DMARC policy i doesn't think it was that but i have tried anyway and as predicted it doesn't have solved the problem so i have removed all record and redoing the autoconfiguration of Microsoft and … it doesn't worked and redo the config like i have posted (i have replaced number by XX because it seem some of them like the account).


I have asked help to infomaniak and Microsoft, but Microsoft send me to GoDaddy (and i don't really  in these time have time to stay 3 hour on phone, and have asked microsoft if they can check on their end at least (not replied for now)) and infomaniak doesn't have responded yet so i ask to the tech community in case of someone know, because since some email provider (infomaniak) don't work i'm afraid to miss some mail.


Thanks in advance


CNAMEautodiscoverautodiscover.outlook.com1 heure heure (Priorité : 0)1 heure
NS@nsXX.domaincontrol.com1 heure
NS@nsXX.domaincontrol.com1 heure
SOA@Serveur de noms principal : heure
TXT@v=spf1 -all1 heure
TXT_outlookXXXX1 heure
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For those who have the same problem later GoDaddy have found the problem.

When my domain was transferred to them DNSSEC was enabled (by the old registar) so the propagate of the DNS data was refused by DNSSEC validated Dns Server.