Service Request video attachment format?

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When creating a support ticket on Microsoft 365 Admin Center, at the bottom of the ticket creation, there is an option for attachment right? And it states that one can attach either a photo or video with the total size of the attachment not exceeding 10GB. But what is the acceptable video format for the attachment? The most basic MP4 is not an acceptable format apparently. 

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Hi @CHI-Lynx,


If the video you were trying to upload is a demonstration on how the issue/problem was being reproduced, you can alternatively use screen recording feature of PowerPoint.






I tried to search but no luck to see whether limitation in terms of file format, btw I believe mp4 is fine and supported by Microsoft since one of their product export format

@darlene22xx I'll have to try the recording via powerpoint. I tried to record via the snipping tool, and they would not take the recording. Multiple times now. 

mp4 is not fine since I literally get errors every time I select an mp4 as an attachment. It just will not upload when I create a support ticket.

When I logged a support ticket to Microsoft that is what they asked me to do in order to record and reproduce the issue. I hope it works for you too.
Did you came up with a solution for this in the end? I'm having the exact same issue right now. I have tried to convert the video to every available format there is without being able to upload any of them.
I am amazed by the lack of information provided by MS when hovering the "?" mark next to "Attachments". No format requirement what so ever.

@CHI-Lynx Insert the video into a PPTX and attach that.