Missing Service Incident MO544165

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We have an issue in our tenant with Microsoft Web Apps. There was the incident OO544150 that covered it. Now that incident, and Twitter, says to reference incident MO544165 instead for updates. The problem is, MO544165 is NOT showing up in the Admin Center Service Health and I see no search feature.

How do I find out the status for it????

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we are having the same issue, I have no idea

@Cary Siemers 

I had to report the Issue a couple times but it's now in my list of issues.


Would, be nice if there was a Search feature where I could find any service incident! Hint Hint!

I have never had to report an issue before, seems like you know how to do it, can you point me in the right direction? This is the first time any of the tenants I manage have been affected by any outage or disruption


On the Service Health page, click Report An Issue. I honestly don't know if doing that 2 times got the item to appear in my list or if it did naturally, but that's what I did.

service health.png

oh that makes sense, I cant seem to even log in to the admin page maybe what I am experiencing is different. none of the apps are showing up from office.com. I can's login at admin.office.com


Sometimes just waiting a few minutes, yes minutes, it will load. For us, it seems to be getting slightly better but not 100%.

@Cary Siemers 

I was able to get a screenshot when click view details but not able to acces it anymore.






I couldn't say why it went away for you. It was never there for me, I had to ask for it to show up.

Having the same issue seeing multiple service alerts - OO544150, marked as "false positive," and OO543465, marked as "service restored"- which seem similar to and/or directly mention original alert MO544165, which is not listed in the service health section of the admin center.

Interestingly, the "service restored" error shows up as having been resolved yesterday but is the only one I see which mentions the "New to Microsoft 365? This is your Microsoft 365 homepage" banner displayed on office.com which is persistent today for some of our users.
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Currently MO544165 that there was some update they applied this past Monday that is likely the cause of the issue. They are rolling back in the hopes things will get back to normal.

I'm not holding my breath.

@Cary Siemers 

Yeah, hopefully it works after the update. We shall see


i wonder if anyone has updates on this issue, as one of the clients have been affected in our tenant. Im fairly new as an admin, so i find it hard to know where to find answers still. Thank you!


The issue has been fixed and closed.

If you are still seeing issues then you should open a ticket.

Not fixed here.  Settings icon still missing in SharePoint. 


Try clearing your browser's cache and try again. If still not showing up open up a ticket with Support.

Did this every get resolved for anyone else here?

@Cary Siemers 

Just wonder the incident not applied to your tenant?