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Hi all,


Currently we are pushing templates out for PowerPoint, Word etc via GPO's. Unfortunately I haven't found an article that tells me how to do this via Office 365 and push globally to all users, if at all possible. I know you can do this via SharePoint but that wouldn't be feasible as it means our users would have to actively enter SharePoint each time.


If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it.



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As far as I know, this is not possible (at least not yet) so GPO is still the way to do it.

Otherwise one solution to do this "manually" (for those who dont do GPO) is to gather all Office templates in a document library (to which everyone has read access).
Each user must then:

  1. Open the document library and choose to sync it.
  2. Open Windows Explorer and copy the address to the local library.
  3. Open the Office applications and, under Personal Templates, enter the address.

Next time you open eg Word, PowerPoint or Excel and select "New" then the templates are available.


Copy the address from here when the library is synchronized



Paste the address here:



This is how it is displayed when You choose "New" e.g. in Word.



Unfortunately a cumbersome workaround, but for now this is the only solution I know of. Hope it helped you along the way.


Regards, Magnus