Can anyone mute the organizer in Microsoft teams ?

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I do +30 minutes to 1.5 Hrs sessions in Microsoft Teams but sometimes I think someone may interrupted the session, and I think I faced these issues:

1. I get thrown out the session where everyone else is still in the meeting !

2. Get muted


I have couple questions about this:

1. Could anyone be a source of these problems ?

2. If someone called me through Microsoft Teams, would that cause me any problems in the session ?

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Depends on the "permissions" your attendees have, but potentially yes. Read about limiting certain features here:

Yes, I think I ran by the class settings and I think also I choose the settings that prevent members from doing anything other than posting in the chat and also I think I disabled the chat too !

@Vasil Michev Hi,


I still get muted in sessions.


I asked one of the members to mute me and I was muted. So what is the solution ?

Hi @aalzhrani 

You can use the new feature for the meeting options called Don't allow attendees to unmute (also called hard mute).

Here you can find the official Microsoft support documentation to the feature.

This is also a short video (3:11) explaining the new feature.

The others shouldn't be able to mute you again.

Hope this helps and regards.


@Lars365 Thanks :)


Now here comes a new problem which is that the Calendar is not available in my Teams UI apps, even I tried to search for it in apps but also didn't find it.


Then I tried to follow the solution of adding it to my Teams but the solution required me to access the admin page at Microsoft which isn't allowed for me through my organization account.


In this link:

Calendar missing in MS TEAMS