Automate subdomain creation possible now ?

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I got one question, so far i heard that it was not possible to manage domain specific tasks using powershell in azure, but maybe it's possible now. I would like to have a script that:


1. Log into Azure with my admin account.

2. Create a new subdomain

3. Verify the subdomain (as it's a subdomain it should just skip the steps/DNS issues etc., so that domain gets status "Setup Complete")

4. Create new user in the subdomain, auto pw and send mail to admin

5. Create a Security Group with the Subdomain name

6. Assign user to that Security Group




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Adding a subdomain is now possible with the AzureAD PowerShell cmdlets. Some of the operations however can only be performed via the old, MSOnline PowerShell module (for example, adding federated subdomain).


If you are using managed auth, you should be able to do all the above with Azure AD PowerShell.

Ok sounds good. If anyone is up for the task (I need it as part of a SSIS package flow) I would like to pay for the time spend developing it. Please PM me if you work freelance