How to avoid deletion of Storage/VM when managing Azure Test Drive?

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I have a scenario where I have a cold instance enabled for an Azure Marketplace Test Drive. The ARM template is used to deploy the App. When I try the test drive, it creates a new VM, and after the time ends for the Test Drive, VM is deleted automatically, and for the next test drive, it creates a new VM, and it keeps going with deletion.


I have installed docker on the VM, and a docker container is deployed for the test drive users. I am running into a problem as each time the VM is deleted, it deletes the docker container deployed to the VM used in the test drive, and there is no track record left to get the container back when the VM is created again as it is the new VM with no data deployed.


I am not finding a solution to avoid permanently deleting the docker container deployed to the VM. Is there any way I could achieve that using Cold instance?


Or do I need to use Hot instance for it?


The machine type used is Standard_D2ads_v5 (Spot instance). The operating system installed is 18.04-LTS. Here is my storage type: 







        "storageProfile": {
          "osDisk": {
            "createOption": "FromImage",
            "managedDisk": {
              "storageAccountType": "[variables('osDiskType')]"
          "imageReference": {
            "publisher": "Canonical",
            "offer": "UbuntuServer",
            "sku": "[parameters('ubuntuOSVersion')]",
            "version": "latest"






I have also tried the same using the HOT instance but the same issue exists. Is there any way I could reuse the same docker container instead of getting it deleted every time?

Will the premium storage solve this issue?




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Hello @Jamshaid120 
Welcome to the Marketplace Community and thanks for your query. Community SME's on this topic or our team will review your scenario and circle back at the earliest time. 

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Hello @Jamshaid120 


What is the Test Drive Duration set for your Azure Test Drive?


        This is the number of hours the test drive will stay active. The test drive terminates automatically after this time period ends. The test drive service will automatically clean up these Resource Groups after a customer is finished with it. Ref


Did you try the 'Preview Offering' to test the customer experience?


    This will help in knowing the capabilities of your offer as per the instance selected.




Please comment in the below section to get more help on this matter and we are happy to help you further!


Thanks for responding to my query.
I have tried Preview Offering and it works. The duration is set to 2 hours. After 2 hours, everything gets deleted as the Instance type is cold.
My question is that, is there any way I could get permanent storage that does not delete after two hours or any other such feasibility? So that, I don't need to deploy the docker container again and again when the test drive ends.
Or Hot instance is the only option to tackle this issue? And one more thing, I don't see the warm instance type in the configuration.




I have tried it using the HOT instance and the same issue exists. Could you please shed some light on it or any way I could talk directly to support?