Welcome to the updated Marketplace Rewards Toolbox
Published Mar 28 2024 06:00 AM 1,674 Views

Microsoft wants to make it easy to use your Marketplace Rewards benefits. Marketplace Rewards Toolbox is the experience where you can learn about and activate your benefits, working with an Engagement Manager or self-paced with always-on benefits.


We’re delighted to welcome you to the upgraded Marketplace Rewards Toolbox. In this new toolbox, you’ll notice benefits featured by your organization’s benefit tier, streamlined paths to your benefits, and an expanded FAQ.


Though much of the Toolbox functionality is similar to what you’re used to, you’ll see reorganized pages, emphasizing the most-engaged partner content. You’ll also see a new part of the homepage, Featured Benefits. This displays recommended benefits to use, based on success stories from other partners like you. Clicking on a featured benefit will take you to your instance of that benefit so you can start it or continue from where you left off. We’ve also included some of our partners’ most-loved resources, like app advisor and an explainer of Azure sponsorship.


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We’ve streamlined the path to get in and start using your benefits, while keeping popular features. Partners told us the dashboard was their preferred way to activate and work on benefits, so we’ve updated accordingly, slimming down the pages and methods to check on your benefits. We’ve also put the self-serve benefits—which never expire—in their own section of the dashboard. Now you can use them anytime, without having to search through your benefits granted based on your performance. You’ll still be able to see—at a glance—how many benefits are available and need your attention, helping you maximize your time in the toolbox.


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Also, we’ve revamped the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to include some that weren’t included before. You’ll see more than just technical questions, including how to work with your benefits, where to find benefits like Azure sponsorship, and other steps for building your next application. These are searchable and, like the rest of the pages, available in multiple languages.


We look forward to your continued success using Marketplace Rewards benefits!

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