Developing Container Offers for Kubernetes Applications
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In a recent Mastering the Marketplace webinar one of our Principal Software Engineers, David Starr, Microsoft, provided a comprehensive explanation and demo of developing container offers for Kubernetes Applications.  David walks through the process of creating container offers for Kubernetes applications, focusing on preparing solution assets, packaging them, and publishing them through Partner Center into the Azure marketplace. 


It is helpful to have some basic knowledge of containers, Kubernetes, Helm and ARM template technology which will assist in following the content presented and discussed.   While fundamental knowledge is recommended, everyone is encouraged to join the conversation regardless of their expertise level. 


The demo provides in-depth information on how to create container offers.  Below are the key areas covered: 

  • Preparing Solution Assets 
    • The first step in developing container offers is preparing solution assets for publication. This involves organizing and structuring the assets to meet the Microsoft commercial marketplace packaging requirements.  The demo walks you through creating custom image(s) that contain your solution.  
  • Packaging for Availability 
    • The demo then shifts focus to packaging the solution assets in a way that makes them available to customers. You will see how to build a Cloud Native Application Bundle (CNAB), an open-source format that is easily deployable in Kubernetes and other systems.  See how to add a Helm chart and pack and use it to define the packaging and deployment.  In addition, you will see how to create UI definition and ARM templates.  You will package up using the CNAB bundling utility that Microsoft provides which will upload the CNAB bundle to the container registry you specify in your manifest.  These all contribute to ensuring seamless deployment of the containerized applications.   
  • Publishing through Partner Center 
    • The final phase involves publishing the container offer through Partner Center, which facilitates having your offer listed intoon the Azure marketplace for customers to buy.  The demo walks through how you  willyou will reference your CNAB image in the Partner Center plan.  This process is demonstrated extensively through live demos to provide a hands-on understanding and highlighting the key steps in the process for getting your offer live on the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace.   
  • Technical Configuration and Deployment 
    • You are guided through technical configuration and deployment steps using Partner Center. Key aspects such as cluster extension types, CNAB bundles, registries, and repositories are covered in detail. 
  • Validation and Certification 
    • Automated validation tests are performed to ensure the integrity and functionality of the container offer. Once your offer is validated, it will go through a certification process which includes checks that may last up to two days, ensuring high standards before proceeding to the preview stage. 
  • Preview and Go Live 
    • Once validated and certified your application moves to the preview stage.  During the preview stage, users can test the application's functionality and user experience before going live. This ensures a smooth transition and optimal performance once the offer is available for purchase. 


To watch the recorded webinar and learn more about creating container offers for Kubernetes Applications register to watch the recording. Developing your container offer 


Interested in attending an upcoming Developing Container offer session, or learning about additional topics covered?  Register for upcoming sessions at Mastering the Marketplace, which provides publishers with resources to successfully publish solution to the Commercial Marketplace.   


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