MFA fail with Live O365 account

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I’m desperate. 
I have both a Live Office365 account and a professional Office 365 acct. both use the same email to login and use MS Authenticator for MFA (separate Authenticator instances, of course)
I changed phones recently and my Live MFA does not work. So now, I can’t login to my Live acct (it needs Authenticator to validate) to update my MFA and I can’t update my MFA method or add the account without logging in. It’s completely recursive. 

I’m stuck in a loop and can’t access my email, OneDrive or anything I use regularly.  I have called support 4 times and been on hold for 6 hours each without a rep. I filed a $500 support case through work and after 11 days, no call back!  WTF???!!!


I need to access my Live acct. since I also have a business acct with the same email, all password change and account logins direct me to changing my professional acct which is not helpful. 

After 2 weeks of no access or support, I’m desperate. Any way to change MFA method for an account you CAN’T login to? 

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Que situação. Realmente... O que chama de Live no Br chamamos de Pessoal, ou Familia, se for mais de uma pessoa. E o unico recurso mesmo que me ocorre é o contato com Suporte. Sinto muito não pode ajudar mais.



Unfortunately that you need Microsoft support help unless you do have another admin in your tenant to reset for your account