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First time on here, maybe some one can help?  I would appreciate some review/feedback and help on the attached images (can send file if necessary) which fails to compute change in salaried employee start date and reduce direct cost from the month they started.


I believe all other formulas work correctly but please let me know if there's a better way; formulas I've used:


Much appreciated and love you guys.

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To enable testing of your formulas, and possible suggestion for improvement, please attach your sample file.

Thanks for your kind review; please see attached @Twifoo 

In which particular cells of your monthly forecast sheet are you struggling? Please describe the specific results you want to achieve. Perhaps, you can manually enter your desired results, attach your sample file again, then I will analyze which formulas would return those results.

As you can see in assumption boxes; all these variables should perfectly flow into forecast; for example if salaried employee starts in Oct instead then then the forecast should compute its first payment . from Nov & the Direct cost payable also reduces from Nov linking back to the number of jobs that employee can do per week @Twifoo