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Hi everyone, I have the following question.

Say I have a value in Cell H2 (50), which the result is of a formula, which is always changeable.

When Cell D2 (Queen) (which value I always change) matches with Cell B8 (Queen) the result of Cell H2 (50) should appear in Cell C8.

When Cell D2 (Prince) (which value I always change) matches with Cell B9 (Prince) the result of Cell H2 (40, which changed due to the formula) should appear in Cell C9.

The only problem is that when I do the match of Cell D2 with Cell B9 the value in Cell C8 disappears and Cell C9 contains the value of 40.

How can I see to it that the value of 50 (H2) that was entered in Cell C8 (which is the result of a changeable formula does not get lost. 

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I don't think this can be done without VBA.

I don't know what the formulas and the whole thing looks like and what exactly is to be done, but it could work with VBA.

The problem is that nothing has been announced about the Excel version, the operating system and, above all, the storage medium.



Maybe this link will help you.

EXCEL VBA: Formel berechnen und Ergebnis als Wert in Zelle schreiben

Wenn sich der Wert in einer Zelle ändert, dann soll die Änderung kumulativ anzeigen


Hope I was able to help you with this information.



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