PDF to Excel Conversion errors.

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I used Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to convert PDF to Excel, but the expect result is failt as image below:


I dont know exactly issues about Adobe or Excel, the Excel version: 2021

Hope for your help

Thank you


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Don't think this is an Excel issue as they import or convert a PDF into Excel.

If I may recommend, without guarantee, look for your preferences in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC in Preferences.

Edit --> Settings --> Convert from PDF --> Excel Workbook --> Edit Settings...

(depending on the version, the path to the settings may have changed).

This way is with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Version 2015.

Add. Info:

Adobe PDF conversion settings


Thank you for response.

In Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, I am getting here, but I don't know exactly what I need to change in Edit Settings.

Can you give me some advices.




My knowledge is also limited, but as far as the picture shows, the settings look good.

Check the language settings to see if it is set to a different language than the one you have in Windows or Office.


Otherwise, I would recommend contacting the Adobe forum or Excel with subscription (not all) where importing PDF files is possible.


Thank you for your understanding and time



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Yes, Nikolino.

Thank you for your advices.