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Hi Experts,

               Need a help, in Sheet1, I want to create a formula in B8 such that if in B13 (channel Bandwidth-chbw) is set to 10 then RB should be 24 and so on from another sheet(Sheet2 table)



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Hi @anupambit1797 ,


Please, check if it works for you. Note that I removed your select list and just added a Data Validation containing the list of CHBW from Sheet2, just to make the connection with B13 easier (let me know if this change is a possibility for your use). 


The formula is a VLOOKUP, but I added an IFERROR just to prevent a "#N/A" result if you let the cell empty.


=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(B13, Sheet2!A2:B11, 2, FALSE), "")


Let me know if it helps or if you need any changes on the file.

Thanks @rzaneti, yes it works
Also, is it possible to use OFFSET function in B8 to achieve this?


I wouldn't recommend using OFFSET for this, since it is a volatile function. But if you must:




Better would be