How to edit table (Table format) when its locked?

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I am trying to develop the table mainly because it will automatically add the formula when I have entered the value in one cell.

But the problem is I am not able to edit when the sheet is protected.

Need solution for following things,

1. I want to lock the column formula because the user shouldn't change it.

2. If I lock the column I am not able to add rows and columns which affects the actual purpose of the Table format.

Kindly give a solution for the above issue It would be very helpful.


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You could do it with VBA, here's an example


Sub Workbook_Open()
With Sheets("YourSheet")
.Protect userinterfaceonly:=True, Password:="YourPassword", AllowInsertingColumns:=True, AllowInsertingRows:=True
.EnableOutlining = True 'for outline
.EnableAutoFilter = True 'for Autofilter
End With
End Sub


or you can do it the traditional (manual :) way, see attached link.

Lock or unlock specific areas of a protected worksheet


Hope I could help you with these information / links.



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