excel 365 not updating stock prices, retreives only prior day close

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Windows 11 based machine with microsoft 365, my spreadsheet worked great until yesterday, tech help had a workaround which did work yesterday, but not today. Won't retreive price, $ change and % change, shows description. The refresh all under data tab doesn't do the trick. Please help. 

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@5CupsOfCoffee  Same problem here for much of yesterday (function was restored in the afternoon) and today (not working as of 10:30 CST.) Certainly seems like a Microsoft issue.

I'm having the same issue

Same problem (3/17/2023). Macintosh Office 365, latest version). Same problem on two Macintoshes. Prices stuck on 3/16/2023's close.
Yes. Same issue. Just got off the phone with microsoft support and they sent me here.

I've experienced this a few times in the past - each time had to wait for microsoft to fix it on their end. At least now, they know its happening.


Same issue here Anything changed?


thanks - glad to learn I'm not the only one

thanks - glad to learn I'm not the only one

@5CupsOfCoffee I reported this issue to Microsoft Support. They said they would report it to their engineers and get back to me.

Same problem - stocks prices are falling and we are observing yesterday's close. Refreshall does not work - nothing is upating.

@5CupsOfCoffee  Same issue as of 3/17 3:30 Eastern.

Same here. I use it for Brazilian market, I suppose it is happening everywhere... Problem happened yesterday too.
U.S. markets have just closed, and no resolution. Come on, Microsoft, what the heck!


I am an Office 365 user on a Mac. Started experiencing sporadic freezes on 3/16/23. Spoke with Microsoft Tech Department yesterday morning for nearly one hour. Apparently not on their radar at that time. This morning had no activity with stock price capability. Called Tech Dept. again today and was advised they were aware of the problem and would provide me information by email to receive their update notifications. Unfortunately, I haven't received the email at this writing. It was described to me as  a system wide problem with this service. If anyone has the link to receiving notifications, kindly advise. 

Thank you.

Some of the data are updating now but some are not. As of 6:00 pm EDT, AMD is updated but ADBE is not; CLF is updating and FCX is not. It looks like we'll just have to wait. I wouldn't be surprised if MSFT wasn't playing with this service and trying to get ChatGPT involved somehow. And broke something.


I have 50 stocks. I sorted my Excel Stocks data by Symbol, copied the column and pasted it to GoogleSheets. I then used the GoogleFinance() operator to obtain quotes this evening. I then copied the data column in GoogleSheets and pasted it to my Excel table column labled Price today. I reformatted the data in the Excel column to Currency. I did not have to change any of the formulas in my Excel Table.



Awesome, thanks for the reply!
Looks like everything is updating correctly on my end now!