Dynamic Arrays not working on Mac

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Hello!  I have a new Macbook Pro with MS 365.  I have downloaded Excel more than once and even re-purchased MS 365 through my company again to get a newer update.  I also then tried to download the free version from my university.  I cannot for the life of me get the dynamic arrays to work.  Specifically Sequence, rand array and frequency.  In fact I just had a midterm and got a problem wrong because it wasn't working.  Ideas?  I tried running first aid and rebooting, no dice.  






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@Nuklearv Similar to another post I responded to just minutes ago @Lucas_EV . Perhaps something else is going on. Can't really tell.




@Nuklearv Check with your IT department. Some licenses do not allow new features to be active until 6 months or 1 year have passed after their introduction. Your install might be one of those.


Double check your version. The current update is 16.63. To see your version, use the Menu Bar and choose Excel > About Excel.