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What would cause a drop-down to not function? I use drop-downs all the time, and haven't had this happen:

Data validation applied to one column on a worksheet. Configured as List, with Source being a named range on another sheet. Yet no drop-down appears.

What am I missing?

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Exactly what you are missing is not possible to comprehend for someone who wants to help.
If I may recommend, attach a file (without sensitive data) and explain your topic based on this file.

It is advantageous if the version of Excel, operating system and storage medium are known.

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Here is a link that might help you by comparing it to your dropdown.

How to make a dynamic dependent dropdown list in Excel an easy way

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Thank you for your patience and understanding


Hope I could help you with these information / links.



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Hi @Schmacker 


I agree with @NikolinoDE , a sample file would make things easier for us to help.

Apart from that, you could check if you have ticked this option:


Without, the dropdown-arrow would not appear.