Creating a Diagonal Matrix for a vector data

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Good day to everyone.

I am trying to create a diagonal matrix of dimension (900x900) from a vector data of n=900. Can someone guide me through how best I can generate the matrix? 



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Can you explain what you need a little more? I know Excel but I don't know as much about matrices A workbook or even an image would help a lot to explain.

ok, Thanks.@Savia 


I have a single column that has 900 cells contained with data. I want to split these 900-cell vector data into a diagonal matrix with each data on the column spread across the diagonal of the matrix formed. e.g. say a1=2, a2=3 and a3=5....I want a diagonal matrix that will have a1=2, b2=3,c3=5 etc. with other cells of the matrix having "0" values.




@ogungbile Thanks, that helped a lot.


I attach a file with both a traditional formula approach and one based on the newer dynamic array functions (Office 365 only).

Thanks, I got the code already.


It is:




Where A1:A3 indicates the vector column range. They can be adjusted as appropriate depending on the size of the vector column. For example, mine is a 900-cell vector. Therefore, I'll have:




Thank you 




Thank you very much. This is very helpful. I really do appreciate.

@ogungbile No problem.  There are many ways of doing this, it turns out

You need to be careful using this approach, as it assumes that the values of the vector are unique, i.e. no two elements have the same value.