Conditional formatting problem

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i have a problem and maybe someone can help me here..

I did a conditional formatting for my worksheets, the rule is =AND($E3<200000;$E3>0,39) for a fat and underlined format. Now in $E3 is a rule: =IF(D3="-";"-";IF(D3*6,85>5;"> 5,00";ROUND(D3*6,85;2))) and if the value is over 0,73, it shows "> 5,00" like the rule was set. The problem is, that this isnt fat and underlined like set in the first rule with the Cconditional formatting.. Can anyone help me here?



The "> 5,00" should be fat and underlined..

Thanks in advance.


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And what is the problem?

@Sergej Baklan, thanks for the response. The "> 5,00" should be fat and underlined..
Its not formatted- like you see in the screenshot. Any ideas?


It works in my case


If you open attached file formulae will be in your locale format.

@Sergei BaklanHi Sergei,


thank you for your seloution. It still dont work in my case. Please take a look to my conditional formatting:




And here the rule for the row:




Maybe its something with the rule in the row? I dont really know, i have no idea why it dont work..


Thank you in advance!


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You have text in column E (">5"), not number.  In Excel any text is "more" than any number, thus formula in conditional formatting rule returns FALSE for any text.


As variant you may change on formula like this


or expand it replacing "<" if any as well

@Sergei Baklan worked! Thanks a lot!

@EberleinHE , you are welcome, glad to help